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Academics and Consultants

"I have been using versions of the renowned Vroom DMFL for over thirty years with top executive groups as a vital tool for leadership development. Its current digital versions with improved graphics are flawless enhancements; however, just the core concepts alone and the feedback they provide leads to hours of candid individual and group reflection. Its scientific validity, reliability, and ease of use across venues, sectors, companies, cultures, and continents makes this a priceless learning device."

Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld
Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies
Lester Crown Professor of Leadership Practice
Founder and President, Chief Executive Leadership Institute
Yale School of Management

"I have been using Decision Making for Leaders for 15 years with my MBA students and in professional/executive development programs. I believe it is one of the most impactful assessments that a manager (or future manager) can take. The design of the assessment is brilliant in that it provides the participant with very specific details of his or her decision-making tendencies, and then provides expert advice on how to address any tendencies which would limit the leader's effectiveness. This assessment and program are ideal for new or experienced managers. All of us can learn how to make minor changes in the way we think about decision making contexts and how we react to them in an effort to improve our outcomes in the areas of decision quality, employee development, implementation of new ideas and resource utilization."
Dr. Sherry E. Moss
Professor of Organizations Studies, Area Chair
Wake Forest University, School of Business

"The ability to make a good decision in a timely manner is a hyper-critical sub-set of the tools that all great managers and leaders must have. Aligning the expectations, capabilities and motivators of any specific working universe necessarily requires a comprehensive understanding of all the requisite situational variables defining complex, human-driven, problem sets. For almost 20 years I have used Dr. Victor Vroom's 'Decision Making for Leaders' diagnostic platform in successfully guiding C-suite Fortune 500/Global 3000 company executives into a realm of time/value-driven decisions across a well-defined continuum that continue to create shareholder value, employee satisfaction, positive and sustainable problem resolutions and innovative human behaviors. Far beyond any other diagnostic I have ever used, DMFL gives my clients a practical, easy, understandable means of transforming 'diagnostic data' into effective and actionable information that truly 'makes a difference.'"
Dr. Richard F. LeBlanc
Executive Directory
Chief Intelligence Officer
Brooks International

"Professor Vroom's Decision Making for Leaders model is the most effective tool that I have ever come across for helping people to become more aware of their leadership style. As a professor who has spent her whole career teaching leadership, DMFL is always the first (and frequently only) assessment that I recommend for my students. For decades, Professor Vroom has been the most respected authority on leadership decision making styles for a very good reason‒DMFL helps all kinds of leaders, from senior executives to top government officials to those new to management positions, dramatically improve the way they make important decisions."
Victoria L. Brescoll, PhD.
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Yale School of Management

"I have used the Leadership Style Analysis as a tool for coaching hundreds of leaders and managers, from those just beginning their managerial career to seasoned executives. It is a great instrument for helping leaders to understand their 'leadership agility'‒how poised they are to adapt their leadership style across different situations and environments. The assessment is easy to complete, and the results provide great insight for anyone looking to take their leadership skills to the next level."
Alison Fragale, Ph.D.
Mary Farley Ames Lee Scholar
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Kenan-Flagler Business School
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"I highly recommend this decision-making assessment for managers. I have been using Decision Making for Leaders in my course on leading teams for the past five years. MBA students find the assessment very useful in helping them better understand how to decide who should decide. My students appreciate learning about the situational factors (e.g., manager or group expertise) that should guide them in decision making. The personalized report particularly helps them understand these factors as well as making them aware of which factors they may have overlooked. Professor Vroom's course plan also helped me structure an interactive lesson plan, making this a very useful tool."
Margaret E. Ormiston
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
London Business School

"I incorporate Dr. Vroom's Decision Making for Leaders (DMFL) assessment at every opportunity in my consulting work with executives and their teams. Many seasoned executives have still not put enough thought into 'deciding how to decide' or been given a useful model for effective decision making and the inherent tradeoffs of different decision-making styles. DMFL provides not only a conceptual framework that is easily grasped but moreover it provides a simple yet powerful system that decision makers can immediately implement to be more effective."
Roger Lipson, Ed.D.
The Lipson Group

"Decision Making for Leaders is the most powerful intervention I have encountered for leaders of all levels and sectors. Professor Victor Vroom has created a sensitive, validated tool that presents leaders with clear and actionable data about their decision-making style across a range of situations. The reflections engendered by the feedback are affecting and deep, and set the stage for meaningful development and change."
Amy Wrzesniewski
Professor of Organizational Behavior
Yale School of Management

Former Students

"Professor Vroom exhibited consummate skill in both organizing and conducting the course. The agenda is carefully crafted, and class interactions are done in a way which instructs, not demeans. I have attended previous courses in leadership and found this much more effective for me due in large part to Professor Vroom's model and instrument."

Herbert Archer
Participant in Leadership and Team Effectiveness Program
Yale University

"Professor Vroom has a superb decision model for the spectrum of management decisions under very complex situations. I recommend this course most strongly, particularly for senior managers in organizations undergoing transitions."

Geoffrey Whiting
Participant in Leadership and Team Effectiveness Program
Yale University

"Professor Vroom’s workshop was a great success. We all went away with greater insights and better equipped to lead our various and different teams through his effective methodology. We hope that this will turn into an annual event for the Saudi Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization."
Amr Khashoggi
Customized Program for Young Presidents' Organization